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Summary - In the comic Book "Twin Engines of Destruction," there is a scene where Dengar is talking to Fett inside of Slave 1.  Dengar turns to Fett and states "So, did Cas Yllek get bogged out by your Sarlacc scars?  Those things'll probably never go away.  No wonder you never show your face."  Boba Fett then turns to face Dengar, the T-shaped visor giving an eerie stare.  He states as emotionless as possible "This IS my face."  Boba Fett's helmet is Boba Fett. We all recognize him by the helmet.  The infamous T-Shaped visor has a reputation known more than Boba Fett's Bounty number.  The helmet has everything you'd ever need; internal comlink, Broad-Band antenna for sending and receiving messages,  a very sophisticated targeting range finder, inferred, a computer, and more. 
Macrobinocular View plate with infrared scanner - Up to 50 times magnification, Electronic rangefinder feeds data to display overlay showing range and movement for targets in 360 radius, Overlay also links to weapons systems to display fire vector and range data. Infrared scanner magnifies light up to 100 times or displays heat gradations.
Integrated motion and sound sensor system - Can detect a whisper from up to 100 meters away.
Internal Comlink - Broadcasts on standard frequencies and encrypts transmissions. Can summon Slave 1 from up to 90 km away.
Fire control Battle Computer - Allows Boba Fett to control weapons, sensors and Jet Pack with verbal commands.
Environmental Filter System - Filters out poisons and contaminants. Two-Hour reserve air tank.
Broad-Band Antenna - Intercepts and unscrambles comlink and starship comm transmissions.
External Targeting Rangefinder - Tracks up to 30 possible targets, allowing Fett to select and prioritize targets. (The antenna swings down in front of Fett's visor and then becomes the rangefinder)
Difference & Variations - There were many different helmets made for Boba Fett during the different movies.  The Empire Strikes Back helmet had mostly silver scratches, while the Return of the Jedi helmet had silver, black, and shades of gray scratches to give it a more realistic look.
Concept Pre-Production Empire Strikes Back Return of the Jedi Return of the Jedi
Note - 
- All white color
- Modeled to be like
 Stormtrooper helmets
- Never used in the movies

Note - 
- "Eyes" on top of helmet
- Red Lines on the side
- Never used in the movies

Note - 
- Different shades of silver
- Red on the "T" is brighter
Note - 
- Silver, Black and Gray
- Antenna has Brown base
Note - 
- Just Silver Scratches
- Bullet Indent "drips" down

Summary - Rumored to be the armor of Mandalorians (warriors who were defeated by Jedi Knights during the clone wars), Boba Fett's armor has saved him from a quick death many times.  Rather if it's blocking a dangerous chemical, stopping a knife, or even take a blaster bolt, the armor has served him well.  The DuraPlast armor has taken a beating, Fett wears many scratches on his armor, each with a different story only Fett knows.   
DuraPlast Blast Plates - Very strong, can block most blaster blast at far range.
Power Armor Liner - Liner shirt with micro energy field projector and two layers of thin ceramic plates. Disperses physical and blast impacts, reducing injuries and likelihood of knockdowns. Added protection from fire, acid, intense heat and cold.
einforced Armor Mesh Battle Suit
- Inner liner blocks poisons and corrosives.
"Smart" Armor - Armor can seal itself when there is no oxygen or a chemical agent is present, Boba Fett can last two hours on the reserve air supply.
Difference & Variations - Only minor coloration and scratch differences.  
Note -
There are two distinct markings on the chest armor, first, on the left : There are two horizontal slits.  The slits has some kind of Red lights in them.  It is rumored that they are Boba Fett's account status (How many credits he currently has in his account).  The second thing is the logo on the corner of the right chest plate.  This is rumored to be a Mandalorian Warrior symbol.  
Pre-Production Pre-Production Empire Strikes Back Return of the Jedi

Summary - From rocket launchers to flame throwers Boba Fett's gauntlets have the power of a small military.  Able to capture, entangle, and disintegrate a creature in mere seconds, Fett's gauntlets have helped him capture bounties and save his life in many cases. 
Left Wrist
Czerka ZX Miniature Flame Projector - Creates cone of fire five meters long and one meter in diameter. Backpack canister holds enough fuel for three minutes of continuous operation.
Kelvarek Consolidated Arms MM9 Mini Concussion Rocket - Computer tracks targets. Fett carries type-12A anti-personnel rockets, type-12B stun rockets and Merr-Sonn K26 anti-vehicle rockets. Internal magnetic accelerator shoots explosive projectiles up to 25 meters. Also holds rocket dart clip.
Blas Tech DUR-24 wrist lasers - Range of 50 meters. As powerful as a blaster rifle.
Right Wrist
Fibercord Whip with Grappling Device - 20-meter-long fibercord whip. Used to entangle Luke aboard Jabba's Skiff. 
Jet Pack Controls - Contains the timing controls and the emergency shut-off controls
Difference & Variations - There are many different variations between the movies.  The concept costume (the first one made) had bright colors and was not scratched too much.  The left gauntlet (which is not shown) has a orange color to it.  The Pre-Production costume was a much darker, the right gauntlet almost what the final one for the movie looked like, in fact it is almost a replica to the Return of the Jedi right gauntlet.  The funny thing about that is that the Pre-Production costume was made before Empire, but in Empire Fett's Gauntlets are green, so they waited till Jedi to make them Red. In both the Pre-Production and the Empire Strikes Back, Boba Fett's flamethrower (left gauntlet) is not covered and is attached to the side.  In Return of the Jedi the flamethrower is sealed in part of the gauntlet.
Concept Costume Pre-Production
Empire Strikes Back Return of the Jedi
Concept Costume Pre-Production
Empire Strikes Back Return of the Jedi

Summary - What these braided hairs are really from is up for discussion.  For a long time these were Wookie Scalps from previous hunts, it was mentioned that they were in magazines, comics, books, and even from Rick McCallum.  But, new rumors have arisen and brought up the fact that they may indeed be Jedi Padawan Braids.  This is one of those pieces of items of Fett's suit that will probably be never known for sure unless you ask Lucas. 
Difference & Variations - There are slight variations in the colors of the braids.

Summary - Worn and tattered, Boba Fett's cape silently follows Boba Fett where ever he goes, gently flapping in the wind.  It is unknown if his cape has any significant value to him besides adding to the overall costume. 
Difference & Variations There are three types of capes, all different colors.  The Empire Strikes Back had to capes with a large brown stripe, yet one of the capes was an olive green, while the other was a greenish blue.  In Return of the Jedi, Boba Fett had a Dark green only cape.
Empire Strikes Back Empire Strikes Back Return of the Jedi

Summary - It has been called an extension of Boba Fett's arm; his Blas Tech EE-3 Rifle.  Always cradling it like a fragile possession, Boba Fett keeps his rifle ready for anything, anytime, anywhere.  This rifle has everything you need to target, fire, and score accurate hits.  It's scomp linked to his helmet so he can target and aim with visual read outs of statistics on where the bolt will go.  Unfortunately, this rifle was chopped in two by Luke Skywalker during the Battle over the Sarlacc.  
Blas Tech EE-3 Rifle - Fast-draw shoulder sling. More powerful than a Stormtrooper rifle. Electronic scope for sniper attacks. Chopped in half by Luke's Lightsaber.
Difference & Variations - There are three distinct differences throughout the movies, and one similar.  During pre-production the costume had a small pistol-like gun with a large shoulder rest.  But they felt Boba Fett needed something larger and more powerful, so they gave him a full blown rifle in the Empire Strikes Back.  There are two versions in the Empire Strikes Back, although very similar, they have some differences.  There was one used during the carbon-freezing of Han Solo.  This one had a long barrel and long stalk.  When Boba Fett was escorting the now-frozen Han Solo to Slave 1, he had a rifle with a shorter barrel (made from a FLASH gun).  It was not until Return of the Jedi where the real rifle came in.  The Return of the Jedi rifle is the rifle we all have gotten to see Boba Fett holding when ever we think of Fett.  It truly is the Blas Tech EE-3 Rifle.  


Summary - Where would Boba Fett be without his trusty Jetpack?  Well, trusty when he's not around Han Solo that is.  The jetpack is very handy, if the owner knows how to use it.  Fett has used the jetpack a lot in his many jobs, saving him from danger numerous times.  The jetpack also sports a Anti-Vehicle missile on the top, able to "take out a lot of things at once" as Boba Fett put it.  
Mitrinomon Z-6 Jet Pack - Fuel tank holds enough fuel for one minute of continuous operation. (20 three-second blasts.)
Rocket Thruster Fuel Tanks - Each three-second blast moves Fett up to 100 meters horizontally or 70 meters vertically. Top speed of 145 kilometers per hour; maximum range of two kilometers.
Directional Thrusters - Gyro-stabilizers apply counterthrust for maneuvers and landings.
Turbo-Projected Magnetic Grappling hook with 20-Meter Lanyard - Can use 100-meter-long cord. Winch (inside launcher) lifts up to 100 kilograms. Can replace with anti-vehicle homing missile.
Difference & Variations - There are four different colorations of the jetpacks throughout the movies, first, in the concept costume, the jetpack was all white.  Then when ILM made the Pre-Production costume, it was much more colorful, the same colors as the pack in Return of the Jedi, just brighter.  But, when Fett made his first appearance (in the movies), he had a GREEN jetpack.  Not very colorful or very scratched up, it matched the GREEN gauntlets in Empire.  But, when Return of the Jedi came along, they decided to use the colorful jetpack, but this time they faded the colors and made it really scratched, making it the jetpack we all see when we think of Boba Fett.  It also matched the dull red gauntlets of Return of the Jedi.
Concept Costume Pre-Production Empire Strikes Back Return of the Jedi

Summary From much needed tools to small anti-matter detonators, Boba Fett hides all the gadgets and weapons he needs in his many pouches.   
Tools and Weapons - Pouches carried many different weapons and tools Boba Fett needs to do his line of work.  it is unknown what the extent of tools there are in the pouches, but it can be from simple tools to advanced weapons. 
Honor Sash - The red sash under the utility belt is believed to be a honor guard sash given to Fett on Concorde Dawn. 

Summary - In tough situations or when Boba Fett is cornered, Fett can always make a path.  Boba Fett can fire anything from poison tipped darts to small rockets from his Knee-Pads, to the surprise of his victims.  They also provide protection for his Knees.
Knee-Pad Rocket Dart Launchers - 25-meter range. Darts can carry nerve toxins (malkite them far or fex-m3), molecular acid, stun agents or explosive tips.

Summary - For quick access, Boba Fett puts his much needed tools and weapons down in his Shin Pouches.  

Shin Tools - Jet Pack adjustment tool, Anti-Security Blade, Sonic Beam Weapon, Survival Knife, and multi-directional detonator (similar to a Thermal Detonator except it explodes in different directions).

Summary - In tough situations that need a quick way out, Boba Fett's boots contain spring loaded darts that can launch out to the surprise of the dart's victim.  

Spike Boots  - Spring Loaded spiked boots can launch anything from small poison tipped darts to small explosive projectiles.

Costume Guide - Guide to building your own costume.

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