Boba Fett Multimedia Page - The latest Boba Fett News and UpdatesBoba Fett Multimedia Page - The latest Boba Fett News and UpdatesBoba Fett Multimedia Page - The latest Boba Fett News and UpdatesBoba Fett Multimedia Page - The latest Boba Fett News and Updates
Boba Fett Multimedia Page - The latest Boba Fett News and UpdatesBoba Fett Multimedia Page - The latest Boba Fett News and Updates
Boba Fett Multimedia Page - The latest Boba Fett News and Updates
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The Great Fett Pumpkin - Boba Fett Multimedia Page

Pumpkin (Duh!): Preferably one that is taller than wide.  Try to get one that looks like it might have thick walls and doesn't have a lot of scratches or dings on the main side.  
Pumpkin Carving Tools: We recommend any of the Pumpkin Master's tool sets that you can find just about all over.  For this example, we used the E.Z. Pumpkin Carver and Scraper.  You can find their website here. The Cravers are like dull cutting saws.  The Scraper is a flat looking piece of plastic that scoops out the insides of the pumpkin VERY well and VERY fast!  We were shocked to see how clean the walls of the pumpkin got in so little time!  You will also need some sort of object with a fine sharp point.  This is for 'point holes' through the pattern to get a rough sketch on the pumpkin.  More on that later.  We used a simple thumb tack.  

The Pumpkin Template/Pattern: Obviously you need to have something to work with!  To download the templates, click here (but be sure to scroll back up to step 1 when you start the pumpkin!)  It might be a good idea to go ahead and size the image first and print it out before starting on the carving.

Paper Towels, Newspaper, and Gloves (Optional): We HIGHLY recommend that you put newspaper down under your pumpkin because it will get messy, and pumpkin insides do some pretty bad things to carpet!  Paper Towels or Tissues are a must, your hands are going to get pumpkin all over them, so you will want to wipe them off from time to time.  If you don't want to get any of it on your hands (don't worry, it seems harmless!) you can always wear gloves, but it'll be harder to handle the tools.  Also, if you don't want to risk getting pumpkin on your clothes, we recommend that you change into something that will not be a terrible loss if you get the pumpkin insides on you.  

Even though the Pumpkin Carving tools look like they can't hurt,
 they are sharp enough to saw through a pumpkin so be careful! 
We take no responsibility if you accidentally do an Obi-Wan and chop someone's arm off!  
(Okay, so it wouldn't be that bad, but we had to make it look dramatic!)

(Note, for the first few steps we just rewrote what the Pumpkin Master's Instructions say. 
Once we get into the pattern part, we'll take over and have large images for you to download)

Step 1 - Cut a Lid in the Pumpkin

Cut a lid
Draw a six-sided lid on top of your pumpkin. Draw a "tooth" at the back of the lid as a guide for replacing the lid. Make the lid large, so you can clean out the pumpkin easily. Very carefully, cut along the lines with a knife. Angle the blade towards the center of the pumpkin to create a ledge that supports the lid.


Step 2 - Clean out the Inside of the Pumpkin

Clean out the inside
Clean out the seeds and strings with a flat-tipped ice-cream scoop, spoon or other device. Next, scrape the inner pulp away. Scrape the area you plan to carve down to 1" thick. You can check the thickness by pushing a straight pin through the wall. 

Step 3 - Download the Boba Fett Pattern

Get the Boba Pattern
A special thanks to Andrew Gruner and his fabulous Star Wars pumpkin patterns
What you need to do now is to download one of the following template formats and print it out on your printer.  The image should be about 9 inches tall. 
Click to download one of the formats:
.GIF Format | .JPG Format | .TIF Format
.TGA Format | .PDF Format 
(PDF From Andrew's website) 

(Note - From here on, if you see any image with a yellow border,
it means you can click on it to enlarge it in a new window)

Step 4 - Transfer the Fett Design to the Pumpkin - Click to Enlarge

Transfer the design
Attach the Boba Fett pattern on your pumpkin with tape or straight pins. If you use straight pins, place them along the design lines to avoid extra holes in your pumpkin.

Step 5 - Poke holes in the Design

Poke the Design
Use the tip of the Pumpkin Master's Poker, a ball point pen, or a straight pin to poke holes through the paper and into the pumpkin about 1/16" to 1/8" apart along the design lines until all the lines have holes in them.

Step 6 - Remove Design from the Pumpkin

Remove Design from the Pumpkin
Make sure all the lines have been transferred, then remove pattern. If the design is hard to see, connect the dots with a pen or dull pencil. If the dots do not show up well, rub flour over them to make them more visible.

Step 7 - Cut or Saw out the Boba Fett Design

Cut or Saw out the Design
Carving the imprinted pattern is simply a matter of slowly cutting or sawing from dot to dot. Work from the center (cheek area on helmet) of the design outward to avoid pressure on areas already carved. Always keep the saw or knife blade straight at a 90 degree angle to the pumpkin. Don't twist the blade. Push the cut pieces in or out with your fingers, not the blade.

Step 8 - Check for Loose Pieces

Check for Loose Pieces
We had some trouble with the cheek area, and it ended up separating at the two bottom connections so that we had a upside-down 'U' shape. Using some toothpicks, we were able to put the shape back, but not without some side effects. The Toothpicks are obviously very evident in this photo. If you're very careful, you can probably avoid this.

Step 9 - Clean Up

Clean Up
You're all done with the carving! Clean up the outer skin of the pumpkin with a paper towel and clear away some of the stringy parts of the pumpkin that appear around the cut areas. After that, make sure the inside is all clear of loose pumpkin pieces. Replace the lid on top and sit back for a second to admire your work. Now on to the last step....

Step 10 - Lighting it Up

Lighting it Up
The final step is to take a candle, preferably a small one, and place it in the middle of the pumpkin. If you plan to keep the pumpkin lit for very long periods of time, you may want to cut a chimney hole in the lid so the smoke can escape. Now that you've done that, put the lid back on the pumpkin and stand back to see you work of art!

Here are a few other shots of how our pumpkin turned out (Click to enlarge):

Click to Enlarge - Boba Fett Pumpkin Click to Enlarge - Boba Fett Pumpkin Click to Enlarge - Boba Fett Pumpkin

We want to see YOUR Fett Pumpkins!
Send photos of how your Fett pumpkin turned out to
(Please send only 1 image that's in either JPG or GIF format and less than 500kb)

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All photography from step 4 and down is BrittD & the Boba Fett Multimedia Page. 
Star Wars and Boba Fett are LucasFilm LTD.